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Menu à la Carte

Prawn tails from Mazara cooked in a glass jar and served on a sauce of grape tomatoes, basil, onion and extra virgin olive oil from Lake Como *2-9 16 €
Pan-fried Mediterranean octopus with garlic and rosemary served on “Spello” chickpea hummus *14-15 16 €
Organic free range Fassone beef tartare from “Bosio” farm with almonds and shavings of salt-cured organic egg *3-8 16 €
Aubergine au gratin with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil air *7 14 €
Trio of raw sea deliciousness served with seasonal fruit and a Campari sorbet *2-4-14-15 17 €
Le Zuppe 
Oriental-style fondue with fish, chicken and vegetables topped with a lemongrass-scented coconut consommé *2-4 11 €
Creamy purple carrot soup with pieces of black bread, grape tomato confi t and a crumble of Spanish ham *1  9 €
Cold “230” soup of Hass avocado and cucumber with Italian soy yogurt, red lentils and a scent of cumin seeds *7  9 €
I Primi Piatti 
Beetroot Carnaroli risotto with parsley oil and caper tears *7 14 €
Organic, bronze-extruded wholemeal spaghetti made from an ancient wheat grain, served with strips of smoked wild Alaskan salmon in a sauce of Japanese “Yuzu” citrus fruit essential oil *1-2-7 16 €
Organic, bronze-extruded “paccheri” made from an ancient wheat grain with a lamb ragout*1-9 16 €
Small “tricolore” round potato gnocchi with fl avours of the sea *1-2-4-14 17 €
Our organic bronze-extruded pasta made with an ancient wheat grain served with tomato sauce, pesto sauce, Bolognese and carbonara *1-3-7-8 15 €
I Pesci e i Crostacei 
Wild caught fi sh of the day and lobster gr. 100/oz. 3.53 *4 9 €
Steamed pikeperch fi llet served on a Taggia olive cream with red wine onions *4 24 €
Squid stuffed with Greek feta cheese and oregano served on vegetable spaghetti *7-14 22 €
Cube of mi-cuit tuna with a Balsamic vinegar and soy sauce *14-15 25 €
Le Carni ed il Pollame 
Slow cooked duck breast served on a celeriac cream with candied oranges *9
24 €
Herb-breaded loin of lamb from Sardinia IGP with a sweet and sour sauce served on spicy spinach with sautéed potatoes *1-7 27 €
Tenderloin of 18-month old beef from “Bosio” farm served with a truffl e sauce and drops of blue-goat’s cheese *7-12 26 €
Tofu, seitan and shirataki dishes are always available  
I Dessert di Alessio Martis 
Bavarian coconut cream with morello cherries in syrup and a pistachio sponge *3-7 9 €
Sphere of dark chocolate mousse served on a raspberry coulis *1-7 10 €
Crispy profi teroles with fruit cream fillings served on a strawberry coulis with a duet of wild berry sorbet *1-3-7-8 9 €
Thyme-scented fresh fruits with mint tea jelly 9 €
Tiramisu made of coffee-flavoured mascarpone cheese sauce and Ladyfi ngers served in a glass *1-3-7 9 €
Great Selection of Parmesan cheese with traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO *7 13 €
Cheese platter with our homemade chutneys *7 13 €

•*1 Cereals containing gluten • *2 Crustaceans • *3 Eggs • *4 Fish • *5 Peanuts • *6 Soybeans • *7 Milk • *8 Nuts • *9 Celery (including celeriac)
• *10 Mustard • *11 Sesame • *12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
• *13 Lupin• *14 Molluscs • * Frozen product